Sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog…school started and so we’re all a little more busy…So here’s an overview of how my day went on the first day of school (Wednesday, 3rd September 2014), the first day of school in the history of UWC Dilijan. 🙂 How exciting! 😛

6.45 am: Wake up

7.15 am: Breakfast

8.15 am: First class in UWC Dilijan…Theatre HL with Sian, Nanditha and Kevin

9.45 am: Tutorial with Elizabeth

10.25 am: Short break

10.45 am: Math SL with Subarna

12.15 pm: Spanish Ab initio with Ana

12.55 pm: Lunch!! 🙂

1.50 pm: Chemistry HL with Dima

2.35 pm: CAS meeting, we discussed ideas for CAS, since we’re the first batch of students, we’re responsible for initiating the CAS activities

3.15 pm: End of school…went to the gym for a while

4.30 pm: Interest meeting for CAS activity – Language clubs, where we discussed about the logistics, goals etc.

5.30 pm: Another interest CAS meeting – Dance club

7.00 pm: Dinner

7.45 pm: Free time/homework…

10.45 pm: Sleep 🙂 

More to come 🙂