I’m feeling really bad now, I haven’t touched this thing in ages… I’m sorry 😦 😦 The first term has come to an end, (amazing how quickly time flies) and now I’m in Germany, staying over at Maike’s place for the winter holidays. So here’s a little reflection on what I’ve been doing in school..


English Lit SL: English was quite a fun class. Paul is an amazing teacher and his classes are oftentimes really funny, with him making us solve his word puzzles all the time. We’ve done two books this term: The Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, in which I was very captivated by when I read it the first time (It is a pretty powerful book, you should read it if you can.); and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, which I took an initial dislike to because it was just so weird and absurd. Usually the main activity we would do in class is discuss the book in great detail, trying to pick it apart and find all the hidden elements of the book. I found this class rather insightful, given that I was not fond of literature classes in the past, as it made me identify and understand things within a piece of writing that I wouldn’t have before.

Spanish Ab initio SL: I went from “no hablo espanol” to “hablo un poco”. Teehee. Nah…not really. Learning languages is definitely not one of my strengths and it takes me a lot of time and effort. My failed Malay and Chinese can account to that. It was very refreshing though, to learn a new language from scratch.

Economics HL: One of the HLs from my weird HL combination. Economics was one of the subjects I took for my AS-levels, so there was a lot of repeated material. However, the way we learned these economic concepts were slightly different, and we were definitely going at a much slower and more comfortable pace than when I did with the AS-levels. There were some interesting classes where we discussed and related economic theories and concepts to real-life situations, looking at different economic policies in different countries. What made it even more interesting was that we had nine students in the class, all from different nationalities, from China, Zimbabwe, the USA, Ukraine, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Denmark and Malaysia. #perksofauwc

Some of the people in my Economics class

Chemistry HL: I couldn’t pick one favorite subject if you asked me, but Chemistry would definitely make the list. I guess coming from a more science-ey academic background, I really appreciate and enjoy science and learning new scientific concepts. I look forward to doing more experiments and learning more in the next term. (We’ve had to wait for lab equipment to arrive as they were all stuck in customs…but I’m being an optimist now)

Math SL: Math SL was pretty fun, our teacher is pretty awesome. Though, most of the things we had done were stuff I had already learned in my previous schools, we’ve had some interesting presentations about topics ranging from the Fibonacci sequence to the hidden math in the famous TV series, The Simpsons.

Theatre HL: I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Theatre HL this term. Even before I came to UWC, I’ve was uncertain on whether to take theatre as a class or not. It has been a very challenging term. A lot of first times. A lot of hair-pulling. A lot of yells and screams. But also a lot of hugs. 🙂 It was the first time I had to perform a self-written monologue as another character. It was the first time I had to direct a play. But I think I gained a lot out of it. It was definitely worth it. 🙂

Okay..more to come…but since this post had been rather picture-less, here are two videos:

A video from UWC Dilijan to my sister for her birthday:

The trailer of the play I co-directed: